Physical Science: Student Edition

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Purposeful Design provides three year-long science courses for Middle School (for students in grades 6-9). Each provides an in-depth and age-appropriate study of three specific science disciplines, appropriate for students in grades 6-9 and is intended to accomplish the following:

  • • Excite students about the study of science through hands-on instruction and activity
  • • Instill and nurture the heart and mind in shaping a biblical worldview
  • • Foster critical thinking skills through scientific inquiry and investigation
  • • See the wonder of both the Creation and the Creator in every aspect of the study of science

 This full-color case-bound and hard cover student textbook includes

  • • Worldview connections
  • • Critical thinking skills that are developed through scientific inquiry and investigation
  • • Hands-on learning activities that excite students to want to know more
  • • The language and processes of science
  • • Tools to help students be responsible for understanding concepts and lesson objectives

 A lab manual is also available separately (see item #20093) for documentation of student lab experiences.

List price: $62.90
Price: $62.90