AB Student Leadership Conference 2017

The ACSI Student Activities Program seeks to encourage and inspire students toward a standard of excellence in leadership, communication, and performance by enhancing the academic and fine arts education program of the Christian school. It provides opportunity for the practical application and development of skills necessary for confident Christian leadership.Each activity is planned to impact the educational and spiritual growth of each student, encouraging them to be a testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each event also seeks to provide opportunity for Christian fellowship and positive interaction between students and teachers of participating schools.

Date: September 21–22, 2017

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NOTE: If you are planning to attend you must submit to the ACSIWC office by email—A Certificate of Liability Insurance; ensuring coverage is valid through the date of the event—September 20–22

‚ÄčRegistration Deadline: September 8, 2017

Theme: One Power, One Prayer, One Purpose

Keynote Speaker: Sterling Hunter

Born and raised, and born again at First Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta, Sterling Hunter started out as any other steward of the ordinary, inheriting his faith from his steadfast parents. He fell from the values he was raised with and into the open and welcoming arms of pleasure and substance. By God’s grace alone, he was rescued. Sterling met God for the first time as a 30 year old man. After finishing the Bible (in a little under 11 months) he took the Nazirite vow for a year. He knew the gospel was the only power unto salvation, but Sterling needed to separate himself to God, intentionally, so that he might allow that power to root out all strongholds of the enemy. (Click here to find out more about Sterling's “year as a Nazirite”.) Sterling can now think of nothing but preaching the gospel of a crucified Saviour and a risen King. Sterling currently serves as a trained Chef at First Alliance Church.


Session 1: "One and Done"

In our first session we examine Jesus' prayer for all the saints and determine what this "oneness" means. This then informs the one purpose, prayer, and power we are called to as well as elucidates the One who's image we bear while living out that calling. We serve a holy God of which there is only one, and He said "be holy for I am Holy".

Session 2: One (Holy) Purpose

In this session we look at the most enigmatic figure in the Bible with the weirdest name; no, not Zerubbabel, someone even more mysterious, Melchizedek. In him we see a priest king who would foreshadow our High Priest and King—Jesus—the One who enlightens us to our seven fold purpose as creatures made in the image of God. Who are we? What are we capable and required to do? What blood runs thick in our royal veins, giving us power to rule, serve, love, preach, and lead? The mystery of Melchizedek is the treasure trove for these answers.

Session 3: One (Holy) Prayer

Sweating blood, weary of wearied friends, aware of the task, the pain and the terror that awaits Him, straining to hear the sound of Roman shields clanging along on the path to Him, Jesus prayed a prayer. A prayer that articulates His whole ministry and echoes throughout Christendom as His name spread through the earth. If we were to earnestly and honestly pray that prayer, that one, distinct, holy prayer—this world would be cast into the coming of our Lord. Not ours, but Yours, O Lord.

Session 4: One (Holy) Power

We have been saved from death, but sin is too hard to walk away from at times. We have such amazing dreams, but I cannot compete with the powers of darkness choking out those dreams. I want to serve God, but the masters of this world offer me pleasure and immediate happiness. It seems we are powerless to contend with this world, and truthfully we are.... "but the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in you, then He who raised Christ from the dead will give you life"! That, is a holy and one of a kind life.


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September 21st, 2017 9:00 AM   through   September 22nd, 2017 12:45 PM
Box 250
Camp Caroline
Caroline, AB T0M 0M0
Phone: 403.948.2332
ACSI Member Student $ 145.00
ACSI Member Chaperone $ 125.00
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