Grade 1: Spelling - Teacher

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A comprehensive spelling instructional program. Each teacher-friendly lesson, designed as a five-day teaching model, includes a variety of strategies, including options for differentiation of instruction. Engaging activities apply the principles of a spelling study strategy and spelling rules to challenge students to both understand spelling and to become proficient spellers with a greater variety of words. Every lesson incorporates the integration of biblical truth. Teacher Edition includes full-color student pages embedded in each lesson, a CD of blackline masters and color transparency images, and printed posters and color transparencies. Grade One teacher features: • First five lessons for readiness • Word lists include Pattern, High-Frequency, and Challenge Words • Spelling lists grow from 12–15 words • Phonics, Word Study, and Writing • Homework to reinforce lesson objectives • Assessment in standardized test format (Spiral bound)

List price: $117.35
Price: $117.35