Bible Grade 9/10 - Journeying with God - Survey of the Old Testament - Teacher

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This survey course is intended to give your high school students an overview of each of the 39 books of the Old Testament. The course is structured to provide basic information about each of the books as students are guided through exercises, discussions, and enrichment activities. A strong emphasis in this course is helping students see the “big picture” perspective as they study how God has worked through His people to carry out His plan of salvation. Journeying with God is designed to give teachers a great deal of freedom in shaping a study of the Old Testament. Rich background information is provided for each book to minimize the need for extensive outside research. An abundance of optional activities allows the classroom teacher to guide the study of each book in a way that best addresses the needs of each student in the class. (Spiral, One-semester course, Level 2)

List price: $90.00
Price: $90.00