The Philosophy of Christian Education (DVD)

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In this four-part series, Dr. Derek Keenan examines the essential tenets of a philosophy of Christian school education.  Explore the Christian teacher’s beliefs and biblical responses regarding truth, worldview, and philosophy and how these beliefs are foundational to an authentic Christian school education.Session 1: Truth—The Foundation  Truth—The Foundation explores the concepts of truth and man from both philosophical and scriptural perspectives and details the nature of these beliefs as foundational to the Christian school and to education.Session 2: Worldview  Worldview further describes how worldview beliefs influence values and perceptions of the world and develops the implications of these beliefs on Christian education.Session 3: Philosophy  Philosophy delves more deeply into the philosophical underpinnings of belief, knowledge, and truth; it also addresses—through Scripture—questions raised by philosophy.Session 4: Authentic Christian Education—The Acid Tests  Authentic Christian Education—The Acid Tests examines the dynamic tension existing between a Christian philosophy of education and postmodern culture; it also provides measures to evaluate an authentic and vital Christian school. Derek J. Keenan, EdD, has been ACSI’s Vice President for Academic Affairs since 1996. Prior to that appointment, he served as a long-term school headmaster in Florida, as an ACSI board member, and as chairman of the ACSI Executive Board. He oversees professional and leadership development, accreditation, certification, and assessment for ACSI.  

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Price: $119.20